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The Cambridge Training & Consultation Group (CTCG-UK)

The Cambridge Training & Consultation Group (CTCG-UK) is an independent training provider based in Great Britain.(CTCG-UK) aims to deliver a high quality service to those who are seeking to obtain high skills as well as respected award. Aiming to enhance ones job prospects by ensuring that learners have acquired not only an award, but also a set of skills that can be of major use in the employment market. also ensures that quality standards are met and that candidates will receive a professional service and real value for money.

(CTCG-UK) is a leading provider in the field of Online Training, education and consolation products &
for Managing Educational Projects. This certification specifically targets international organizations in
the field of Training & Consultation.

  • We provide our Services by professional Trainers, Lectures, Inspectors, Supervisors,
    Technicians& test Specialists and Technicians
  • We used Reliable and Calibrated Equipment and Devices in all our Activities and Business
  • We issue International Certificates from Recognize British Associations.
    All of those at all our Branches in:

So, we are so interested and Looking forward to cooperation with you and provide our Services and
consulting to contribute to the development of your business and its success.Your membership provides you variety of resources and procedures support with knowledgeable
certification experts to support the success of your compliance efforts.

Why Choose Us

Students Successive

Throughout these year we have done amazing work with 250 students..

Competitions Won

Only competitions were the ones in the back of the magazines you find..

Classes Visited

Can how you setup your classroom impact how students think...

Our Vision

(CTCG-UK) vision is to enhance quality in Training Techniques by transferring and utilizing
professional’s experience in the U.K and allover the world . We aim to provide the tools and knowledge
needed to our Trainees and all (CTCG-UK) Training Certificates Holders.
Comply by current standards recognized in good practice.
Good Training & Consultation services are those that follow the standards and principles followed by
the founders and leaders with in the Training profession worldwide.
provide professional excellence, and efficient use of resources & and Training tools.

Our  Mission

Our mission is to position our member educational programs on an international spectrum, bring
recognized for high quality standards of practices and educational material. The Mission of (CTCG-UK)
is to continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided to the public through the provision of
health care certification and related services and enhancing performance improvement in health care

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